• Multiplayer conversation
  • Emphasizes the awe and mystery of an ancient evil recently awakened
  • Player just tracked down a series of clues leading up to finding out what Czerka buried
This multiplayer conversation comes at the end of the Tatooine world arc where a group has tracked several clues to reach this point. An ancient evil has been long forgotten and seeks to reestablish its domination over the universe.

This is the first time a player will have seen a Rakata species. This creature is a member of the ancient and once all-powerful infinite empire.

Difficulties in this conversation was establishing a link between the box and the voice and at the same time get the Rakata to feel menacing. The voice set also sounds very nasal which doesn't help to create tension. A lot of special effects and a larger than life hologram made the mystery voice seem somewhat powerful and connected to the box. In the end, having the box glow with each sylable gave it the most life.
Hutta Bounty Hunter Full Crit Path
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