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  • Documentation & Planning
  • Coding Design Patterns
  • Client & Server Development
  • Lighting & Polishing
  • 3D asset modling
  • Custom meshes, shaders, and materials
  • Optimizations
  • State Machines and Mecanim
  • KPI balancing & Flow planning
  • Single / Multi-player flow planning
  • Cinematics, dialog, story-boarding
  • AI programming, placement, path finding
  • Optimization
  • Project planning (Agile-Scrum, Waterfall, RAD,
    Joint, and Spiral development cycles

  • Unity 2017
  • HeroBlade
  • Half Life 2 Hammer, Face Poser
  • Quake 4 / Doom Radiant
  • Unreal Development Kit
  • Neverwinter Nights Aurora toolset
  • TorqueX, Scrolling Game Dev Kit
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Premier, Media100
  • MS Applications: Visual Studio, MS Office,
    MS Project, Visio
  • Audacity, Acid, Cakewalk

  • Unity - C# & Javascript
  • Doom Script, Unreal script
  • Lua, NWScript
  • C, C++, C#, Assembly
  • SQL, iOS, development
  • PHP, Java, JSP, Flash MX, Action Scripting
  • Visual Basic, VB script, ASP.NET
  • HTML 5, DHTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS3

Mega World Studios Inc
Cats-In-Mechs: Aspen's Story - Fearless Leader (6 years+)
  • Leading a 15+ interdisciplinary member teams in an agile workflow
  • Lead Developer implementing Coding Design Patterns in C#, lua, php, and xml
  • Develop and implement both client and server home grown and 3rd party technologies
  • Document and standardized pipeline workflows specifically for mobile products
  • Research and developed a unique smart-game experience system
  • Oversee the quality of assets turned in from contractors
  • Prototype and implemented most systems in the game
  • Integrate raw assets into a working build
  • Design every aspect of the game

Bioware EA
Star Wars: The Old Republic - World Designer (4.5 years)
  • Part of a 500+ interdisciplinary member team working on the game's flagship planets in agile workflow
  • Supervised departmental designers in an agile strike team
  • Documented and standardized both multiplayer flow and quest destinations
  • Researched and presented multi-staged part of the bonus quest system
  • Designed planetary multi-player flow, geometry, and points of interest
  • Implemented open world creature spawning
  • Implemented scripting to writer conversations
  • Designed critical path and multiplayer cinematic scenes
  • Designed the cinematic scenes featured at E3 2011 Tatooine Walkthru

High Moon Studios
Bourne Conspiracy - Game Designer (Internship)
  • Part of a 100+ interdisciplinary member team working on the game's flagship levels four week documented level development culminating as an in-game department demonstration
  • Presented an analysis of similar games to the design departments
  • Introduced and demonstrated four new cinematic gameplay experiences
  • Documented and tracked over 50 quality assurance issues
  • Documented five "how-to" tutorials for other level designers
  • Constructed three frameworks for programmers to demonstrate AI path-finding and behavior

SMU Guildhall
Hirim Mines - Level Designer - Half Life 2
  • Designed and created a Single Player level based in a deserted energy mine
  • Presented the LDD to fellow level designers featuring super gravity gun gameplay expanded gameplay which included illustrations, encounter maps, and progression chart
  • Expanded four new gameplay experiences based on the Super Gravity Gun
  • Gameplay scripting (automated guns and energy receptacles powering bridges & doors)
  • Scripted multiple AI encounters, and prioritized hot areas for autoguns

SMU Guildhall
Omega Plague: UK - Level Designer - Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Deathmatch level based in a dark Steampunk near-future
  • Designed and implemented 23 static meshes, 20 textures, and 4 zombie skeletal meshes
  • Developed an illustrated LDD Document with story arc, scripting plan, and encounter maps
  • Redesigned entity behaviors (zombie melee combat, four zombie custom sound and damage schedules, smart health pickups, custom shotgun, custom game type, and background story camera sequence)

NWN Mod Community
Yip Sauce - Level Designer - Neverwinter Nights
  • Designed and created a single player module helping a village establish a new food source
  • Detailed and scripted 14 NPC dialog trees, some encompassing 50+ decision factors
  • Scripted 14 NPCs for daily routines varying depending on five times of day

SMU Guildhall
Exodus - Level Designer - Quake 4
  • Designed and created a single player Sci-Fi level focusing on meaningful player decisions
  • Planned and developed four gameplay changing choices and scripted four AI cinematic scenes
  • Created 24 custom NPC audio assets, 8 new NPC definitions, and 4 GUIs

SMU Guildhall
Circus in the City - Game Designer - Scrolling Game Development Kit
  • Designed and created a single player educational 2D childrenÂ’s game about geography
  • Coordinated efforts with an artist to build six quad-directional sprites
  • Scripted events such as timing queue, weight balance, timer, HUD hints, tutorial, AI behavior, and custom collision system


SMU Guildhall
Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Design September 2007
Specialization in Level design

WSU Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science December 1999
  • Secretary for ACM
  • Member of Pi Mu Epsilon (Math Fraternity) and Math Club


  • Suggested, planned, and developed several new alternative company revenue streams
  • Set new revenue records by planning, implementing, and supporting Internet marketing packages up to $500,000
  • Reduced Internet maintenance time up to 50% by developing intelligent user-friendly client/server applications
  • Trained and managed 10+ team members, providing 150% development speed increase
  • Set up and administered data management networks involving Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms
  • Developed complex modules including encryption, color geometry, and 3D graphics


KWCH 12, Media-General, Inc.
Interactive Media Production Coordinator 2002 - 2006
  • Managed writers and designer teams
  • Coordinated video, e-commerce, and quality assurance projects
  • Administered Internet efforts for 3 departments (Sales, News, and Promotions)
  • Engineered customized Internet applications
  • Managed Internet customer service and product support

Riversharpe L.L.C.
E-business Development Director 1999 - 2002
  • Managed programmer and designer teams developing various flagship cutting edge 2nd generation multi-tier e-commerce applications
  • Setup and maintained in-house and remote networks/servers
  • Documented complex code and made technical usage help manuals
  • Performed system analysis and resource management

K-State Computer Network Services
Lead Student Operator 1996 - 1999
Scheduled and oversaw optimal program execution and quality assurance
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