• A peaceful place caught in civil war
  • Many scenic views
  • Points of interest were of nature or regal structures
  • Native people would rather form a path around a tree rather than cut it down
Alderaan was a unique world in that it was split into six sections amongst four designers. This was one of the first cross factional worlds so it was likely players would be able to engage in PvP toward the end of their class arcs. The first two sections were dedicated to a specific faction (Either Empire or Republic), and the last two sections were full on PvP.

Alderaan had a castle for House Organa and a castle for House Thul. One of the biggest challenges was sending a class to an opposing sides' primary castle for a "backdoor" mission during their class arc. These back doors were separated by large physical bariers like a mountain range to prevent unfair PvP and camping.

In this particular scene, most the best merchants are found on this convenient strip. All the awnings signal to the player an interactable NPC, quest giver, or a merchant found in the building's interior. I also wanted to make the area spacious enough that many players could see one another in more advanced gear for bragging rights. Since this area was outside a major hub city the population density is expected to be lower and so less sight blockers were needed.

My favorite point of interest on Alderaan is House Alde because both factions went there. To make it risky for people to camp and grief new players, I put the medical stations far away from this destination. Additionally I wanted something new and interesting along the major roads seen every 30 seconds of travel.
The shattered world of Taris
Tatooine cinematics designed for E3
Balmorra over-and-under gameplay
Alderaan merchant row
Voss Nightmare Lands gameplay pockets
Sarlaac Pit stretch goal on Tatooine
Quest with a view
Nar Shaddaa Hutt party barge
Echo Base Homage on Hoth
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