• Dark fantasy theme with climactic critical path finale
  • Isolated gameplay basins letting players own areas
  • Environment supports the story
Deep in the dark forests auburn forests of Voss, nightmare creatures roam. The story of Jedi and Sith from long ago finding the planet intrigued me like Tim Burton like movies. Scenes such as A Nightmare Before Christmas and Lord of the Rings with its Fangorn Forest came to mind. This inspired me to weave whimsical fantasy land with dark and forboading roots creeping along the ground.

Before decorating with trees and rocks we painted the gameplay areas on the terrain indicating future gameplay areas. The objective was to create gameplay basins where two groups could exist at once. This let groups temporarily own an area. I wanted parties to "almost" get lost in the forest. This was done by making 2 portions to the zone, the dark heart infected area and dense autum forest closer to the capital. Unique landmarks and corrupted points of interest let people know which general direction they traveled. I wanted people to see a new sight every 30 seconds of travel.

Two large points of interest included the Dark Heart and a Ravene where the land itself was wounded from the dark side. The Dark Heart was built large enough to facilite open world Player vs Player. The Dark Heart worked so well to accomplish a heroic activity that the writing department altered everyone's final planet destination to lead there.
The shattered world of Taris
Tatooine cinematics designed for E3
Balmorra over-and-under gameplay
Alderaan merchant row
Voss Nightmare Lands gameplay pockets
Sarlaac Pit stretch goal on Tatooine
Quest with a view
Nar Shaddaa Hutt party barge
Echo Base Homage on Hoth
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