• Prison walls, rocks, and elevations managed sightlines
  • Mega trees with massive root structure provided both gameplay and impressive visuals
  • Balance between humanoid and indiginous creatures provided encoutner variety
Belsavis was perhaps the hardest planet to help design. This planet had the least reference material so in a sense the most freedom. This planet was a dual tropical jungle surrounded by icy walls. The lower gravity and geothermal pockets gave way to gigantic whispy flower leaves and mega jungle trees. Players can even travel on top of the tree roots like small roads.

This planet supports full environmental PvP so special care was taken considering quest flow. Quest support was a primary focus so that higher level players were encouraged to group even on their independant class quests. This helped prevent a lone player doing their thing, and an opposing faction group rules an area.

Originally made by the ancient Rakata race known as the Infinte Empire, they built Belavis as a prison, keeping dangerous creatures in vaults and forgotten about for thousands of years. The Republic found this planet and repurposed it for their own. Inspiration came from Star Trek V where Captain Kirk escaped an arctic prison planets.
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