• 4 man blockout team
  • Each planet blocked out in 3 months
  • Epic scale with a strong sense of direction
  • Clear objectives
  • Quests paths designed for PvP
The planet of Voss is a mystical world of force users whos mystics focus on long term precognition. Their talent is so well honed, that both the Empire and Republic are wooing this planet's population to their respective sides.

The players enter into the political game to discover the world shattering truths behind the Voss population and a primative military horde called the Gormacks. A truth that could unsettle the planetary balance forever.

This is one of many worlds in the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. This planet in particular was blocked out in three months. Even though Voss is considered a neutral world where both Empire and Republic character exist in peace within the capital city of Voss-ka, the wilderness is filled with danger. This is a late-game planet and so once players left the diplomatic safety of the single capital city, they were ready for PvP.

In this late-game planet, special care was placed in making quests paths and destinations. We designed quest flow and player objectives to intersect in such a way to invite conflict but having the backup of a group to help in the fight.

In this scene, a group with different classes would find their objectives in the side and base of the mountain so they could help one other get there. At the same time, this grouping of objectives is in reasonable proximity to the the opposite faction's taxi and high level guards.
The shattered world of Taris
Tatooine cinematics designed for E3
Balmorra over-and-under gameplay
Alderaan merchant row
Voss Nightmare Lands gameplay pockets
Sarlaac Pit stretch goal on Tatooine
Quest with a view
Nar Shaddaa Hutt party barge
Echo Base Homage on Hoth
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