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Name: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Game: Hero Engine variant
Role: World Designer in a team of 500+
Production Cycle: 4.5 years of a six year project
Game Type: Massively Multiplayer Online

On this title I was responsible for designing worlds, spawning, scripting, and cinematics.
  • Heroblade editor used to quickly prototyped flow and points of interest
  • Perforce used in asset management and documentation
  • Devtracker used for quality assurance and task management
  • Supervised departmental designers in an agile strike team
  • Researched other MMO flow designs and gameplay
  • Researched and presented multi-staged part of the bonus quest system
  • Implemented open world creature spawning
  • Implemented scripting to writer conversations
  • Designed critical path and multiplayer cinematic scenes
  • Designed cinementics featured at E3 2011 Tatooine Walkthru

:: Bioware EA is best known for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, MDK, and Shattered Steel ::
Internship at High Moon studios
Name: Bourne Conspiracy
Game: Unreal 3 Engine
Role: Intern in a team of 100+
Production Cycle: 3 month internship of a two year project
Level Type: Single-player third person

On this title I was responsible for ensuring product quality, break new gameplay ground, and help future designers get up to speed faster.
  • Unreal Editor used to design concept and programmer test levels
  • Perforce used for asset management
  • Developed and edited AI nav meshes
  • Altered existing emitters to create new VFX
  • Created matinees / vignettes from base assets
  • Created and scripted moments of cinematic gameplay
  • Located and tracked quality assurance issues
  • Composed and documented recipes for other designers to follow
  • Researched, deconstructed, and prepared a presentation for the design team on a gameplay genre

:: High Moon Studios is best known for Darkwatch, the acclaimed Vampire-Western first-person shooter ::
In this game your flashlight
is as effective as your gun.
Name: Haunted
Game: Half-Life 2
Role: Producer appointed by faculty / Level Designer leading a team of 13
Production Cycle: 5 months (Currently in production)
Level Type: Single-Player 1970s horror survival in the flavor of Resident Evil 4

Haunted is a single player third person game featuring light as the primary mechanic affecting the environment and enemy characters.
  • Implemented Scrum methodology
  • Produced the asset and development plan
  • Coordinated department lead efforts
  • Implemented the game designer conditions of satisfaction
  • Designed, built, textured, lighted, and scripted the tutorial level
  • Created four cinematic gameplay moments
  • Created custom 90+ environmental base models and textures for artists
  • Detailed the showcase game moments

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Antigravity "Steampunk"
style gas-balls.
Name: Steam Warfare
Game: Unreal Tournament 2004
Role: Level Designer in a team of 10
Production Cycle: 3 months
Level Type: Multi-Player Onslaught style with a twist

Steam Warfare is a team based game where the players choose to be one of four ability classes and win in two different ways.
  • Designed, built, textured, lighted, and scripted the "Air Raid" level
  • Created Many of the custom environmental models and textures for this and other levels

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Stumpy needs to get higher
in the world.
Name: Circus in the City
Game: Scrolling Game Development Kit
Role: Game Designer in a team of 2
Production Cycle: 2.5 months
Level Type: Scrolling single player

Circus in the City is a 2D edu-tanainment game targeting second grade geography students.
  • Designed and scripted the game
  • Coordinated the production of all art and sound assets

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