• Player controls three characters with unique abilities
  • Players solve puzzles and answer geography questions
Circus in the City is a game about using teamwork to answer geography questions in order to find Moe, a baby penguin. Originally inspired by Blizzard's game The Lost Vikings, the player controls three people. Each person has their own unique abilities: Jack the strongman lifts heavy object, Stumpy the clown throws pies, and Delilah the acrobat can jump very high. When combined their abilities solve puzzles and get pickups.

The objective of the game is to race against the clock and overcome platformer style puzzles. The more objects the player picks up, the more time they have to get to the checkpoint before the timer runs out. And once at a checkpoint they answer a geography question. Upon successfully answering the question, they resume gameplay.

Depicted here Jack the strongman and Stumpy the clown work together in order to solve a timed puzzle.
Combined weight lowers the beam
Delilah jumps to tip over a box
Stumpy is getting an elevator ride
Stumpy is asked a question and needs an answer
Stumpy has gotten the right answer
Stumpy is asked a harder question
Delilah gets a puzzle hint
Stumpy and Jack teamwork example
Jack and Stumpy about to solve a puzzle
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