• Special attention paid to flow and balance
  • Designed, textured, lit, detailed, balanced, made cinematics, and organized playtesting sessions for the tutorial level
  • Modeled, unwrapped, and textured a custom fire extinguisher
  • Produced a "break glass in emergency" decal
Besides the duties of producer, I was also an active participant as a level designer. I completed the tutorial level's design, texturing, lighting, detail, enemy placement, balancing, cinematics, and organized several playtesting sessions.

In this scene Oban, the game's hero, prepares to crouch through a hole in the wall during the tutorial level. The idea behind this part of the tutorial taught the player to use the crouch navigation function used throughout the game. Here I used the burning gas can as a "flare" against the night sky for high noticability. Inspired by Half-Life 2's tutorial, while the player journeys through each stage, text indicates the action needs to perform.

I also modeled, unwrapped, and textured the custom fire extinguisher seen under the glass case. Also seen is a custom decal saying "in case of emergency, break glass" as one of several hints to break the skylights and let in light.
Tutorial teaching the player to crouch
3D skybox communicates a crash landed in the down-town district
Player looks for an escape from a burning building
Player approaches a detailed courtyard
Spawn location for one of the Haunted monsters
Clues left behind what happened to the uninfected people
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