• Eight players in a Team-Fortress
    flavored match
  • Two ways to win: collect resources for a super weapon or destroy the other
    team's power core directly
  • Antigravity pods shown here explain how
    the dirigible maintains airborne
  • Reuse and reskin of existing UT assets
  • Custom modeled, textured, and
    unwrapped glass ball shielding
I originally received this assignment to make a level which could hold a total of eight players in a 2.5 month development cycle using the UT2004 engine. The level subject was to also be of a dirigible battle. During this time I collaborated with artists and programmers to create gameplay, art assets, and HUD designs. It was our project goals to allow a team of players with unique abilities the opportunity to play as a team to complete either of two objectives.

Gameplay derived from UT2004 Onslaught game type. One way to win was collecting enough coal resources to power up the base gun and blast the other base to pieces. Players deposited coal into node receptacles which trickled in the resources or they came directly back to the main base to drop off their load. The other way to win was to actually go over to the other base and blast away until was destroyed.

This particular scene is from directly underneath a coal resource receptacle. The team players have the opportunity to send a team-mate forth via the dirigible underbelly in order to bypass someone guarding the commonly used topside pathway. Even though This lower route was out of the way, it was quickly traversable with speedy classes such as the Rocketeer or Scavenger. It was difficult for most teams to guard both the upper main route and this lower maintenance route and forced them to decide together how they wanted to distribute their manpower.

Are those oversized Bio-Gun Rifle ammo pods? Yes they are. Grouping several reskinned meshes with a bolted metal texture encased within a class shielding gave a "steampunkish" antigravity pod look. Inspired by the Robotech Macross antigravity pods I wanted to both provide an interesting light source and explain how this dirigible remained airborne.

With over-tasked artists we needed creative solutions for promoting the "steampunk" genre. And so I modeled, unwrapped, and textured the glass and metal ball shielding, while adapting existing UT2004 meshes to work in new ways. The walkways had also been reskinned with two textures I made as well.
The "Rags" team base approaching accessible via air cannons
The main dirigible containing the coal resources
Exiting the main dirigible to the outside
A team base's captain's periscope
Inside a team's base respawn area
Partial cover shielding for a base's power supply
"High" risk and high reward
Steampunk flavored antigravity pods
A battle arena inside the main dirigible
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